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Falguni And Tejas Life Event Birthday | Documentary Present By Film Editor Pro

Falguni And Tejas Life Event Birthday Documentary Present By Film Editor Pro

Falguni And Tejas Life Event Birthday Documentary Present By Film Editor Pro

Falguni shah and Tejash Shah After marriage enjoying charming life he and she was meet film editor pro company and discuss with him and tell we want 3 to 4 minute in want video by photography so it is possible or not, then we are get every think and detailing,and then we  was get all pic and every dealing from the Couple, We also take new photo for the theme after 2 day we can designing and give a  Birthday Thames  and show it, he and she was socket after see designing and he and she was to much happy with film editor pro, and after then we can work with photography and we can Designing 2d book heart and like 6 to 7 country and then after we can designing this motion pitcher and on 11 may in night we are uploading this motion video in YouTube and Falguni and Tejash see this video and to much happy with this event motion movie and he and she give me a lots of thanks and enjoying with this video, any want this kind of video so please contact us film editor pro we have lots of idea and we can give you Adorable movie and you will happy with idea and enjoy life video and never forget after meet film editor pro. 


Thank You.

Many many happy return of the day , Happy Birthday Falguni Shah and Tejas

Film Editor pro


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