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How to get your first job in the film?

How to get your first job in the film
How to get your first job in the film

How to get your first job in the film

It is difficult to get the first step, just do not have the experience of getting a job in the film industry. I have written a detailed outline about how I have personally found work in the film which can be read here, there is a list of suggestions to help even below
Unfortunately, you will first need some free to get experience and credit for your CV, but once you have credits of the first sign, you should be able to find the paid work.

1. Decide what job you want

It may seem obvious, but you need to know which road you are going to read anywhere and you will be told about being a runner how a place and entry level job works for starting a movie. To know how the film works. It is true, it is a good idea to be a good runner on either one or two movie sets, in this way I started, you probably will not be paid, and everyone will have tea and coffee. If you are looking for a runner’s work, then if you can drive and car, then it also helps in tons
You will learn how the film works as a runner. However, there is lot of competition for tea-making jobs, so you may want to consider several other departments on the proposal. Maybe a camera trainee? An Art Department Assistant? Maybe set dress assistant on Editing Assistant? DIT? There are many entry-level jobs, runners are not the only option.
Try to look at the popular movie job site Mandy.com to find work. Also see if there are movie clubs or networking events in your area (try searching on Facebook and Twitter). Most universities have filmmaking students these days, ask to help in the production of a student. It is okay to have student films on your CV as work experience
2. Tell your CV what job you want

I have written a detailed article on CV writing for filmmakers.

After handing over the CV at the time of his part, Tesco is not working on the top of the job. Put all your movie related experiences on top of your CV, at the top of your CV, the job title was given to you after a lot of time. If you can take your place after the camera trainee status – last year the student was a camera operator in the film, the knowledge of changing lenses (try to keep your CV from the job you make relevant to you).
The idea is that when a manufacturer is watching through 20 strange CVs, then you will stand out and say that you want this job and can be trustworthy.
3. Apply, Apply, Apply
Expect to get 1 out of every 10 jobs you apply for.
When you get more experience it will change. Apply for employment You can contact direct production companies. This is often a line manufacturer who does not hire people for jobs. In addition, if you want to be a student of a camera, it will dump you who will pay you rent – hence to help with your next project from local DOP Ask for a better way to find a movie in pre-production, find out which DOP is and ask them to work on it as a trainee Along with the department, he will often be the head of the department who will hire you. Another good place to work is people shooting
4. Get ready for travel
If you live in London, New York, LA or Toronto, then you may be able to work continuously in your city, if you do not need to travel for work. I would not recommend going to London that many film students have taken to find work – it is expensive to live there. A smart person can live in an inexpensive place and work on a film set, which provides accommodation on a distance (importantly what I have done)
For entry level, producers will get the place where production is produced anywhere (purely to save money). If you do not live in London – 1. You make friends with filmmakers living with big producers 2. You only apply for jobs that provide housing 3. You are normal.
Being sensible, I’m telling a company, I have a friend I can live (looking at cheap hotels and see that I can buy it on wages), last minute – I really need a place That is to stay after all. A budgeted movie will be able to provide accommodation (or at least one sleeping on the couch). Sometimes you have to push for a job if this is the only option
5. Take the risk
You will be expected to work 12 hours per month to work on a feature film, two or two straight. So a part-time job will not work. Take the risk and freelance when the dream comes in the entry-level job, be prepared to leave your job, pack a suitcase and go for it.
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